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The Secret of Tree Hugger Bubble Gum Children's Book

The Secret of Tree Hugger Bubble Gum. Marcos lives in a rainforest- a magical place full of wonder and excitement. One day he discovers a tree that every child dreams of finding. Will he share his secret? Discover the mystery of the great Gran Peten rainforest of Central America through the eyes and voice of Marcos. Marcos's father is a brave Chiclero. See the strange and wonderful plants and animals that live in the rainforest. Find out how Bubble Gum is grown and made. Best of all share in the journey of Marcos and his best friend - a tree. The Secret of Tree Hugger Bubble Gum is full of magic, surprises and fun facts with a gentle sweet message about caring and taking care of our planet.  

When you order on-line on our website, you can request a book personally signed by the Author with the following inscription "I hope you enjoy discovering the Secret of Tree Hugger Bubble Gum." After you order simply email us with the child's name and reference your confirmation/order #. We will do the rest. 
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