To contact us, please email us at Info@treehuggergum.com or call our Customer Service # 888-405-3239 ext 2. We promise you a prompt response.


For Now only Tree Hugger Bubble Gum is Certified Kosher. Tree Hugger Bubble Gum Pops are not  yet Certified Kosher.

Does Tree Hugger Contain HIgh Fructose Corn Syrup or Corn Syrup?

We do not use Corn Syrup  in our Tree Hugger Bubble Gum.

We use  Brown Rice Syrup.

Does Tree Hugger Contain Corn Dextrose?

No, Tree Hugger is made with Tapioca Glucose.

Does Tree Hugger Contain Soy Lecithin?

We do not use Soy Lecithin. Instead we use  Sunflower Lecithin.

We do not use SOY in our products.  

However, Tree Hugger is packaged and prepared on equipment that also processess soy. 

Is Tree Hugger Vegan?

Yes, Tree Hugger is Vegan. We have removed the Beeswax. 

What Kosher Certification Does Tree Hugger Bubble Gum have?

Tree Hugger Bubble Gum  is  Kosher Parve  parve.

*Tree Hugger Bubble Gum Pops are not  yet certified Kosher.

What other information can you tell me about Tree Hugger Bubble Gum?

Tree Hugger is NON-GMO.

As always, Tree Hugger Bubble gum is Nut Free.

Tree Hugger is  Peanut Free.

Tree Hugger is Dairy Free.


Does Tree Hugger Bubble Gum Contain Latex?

Tree Hugger Bubble Gum does not contain latex.

Also we use Nitrile Gloves in handling the product during production which do not contain Latex

There are white spots on the gumballs? What are these?

Because Tree Hugger is made with all natural colors, the colors at times are not as uniform as bubble gum that is  made with artificial colors. Sometimes the color  on Tree Hugger is  not 100% even on the product. because we use only natural colors and do not use Beeswax or other sealents.  

Is chewing Tree Hugger Bubble Gum beneficial in helping kids concentrate and focus better?

Receent studies suggest that chewing gum helps kids focus and concentrate better.  Tree Hugger Bubble Gum made with no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives provides parents comfort knowing that not only can chewing gum improve concerntation but also not worry about giving their kids artificial colors, aftificial preservatives and flavors.